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how many years u have to do in college for cosmetology ? what all skills u need to know and have to do to be a attorney?can u take 3 things in college at the same time or do u have to keep going back after your first years?

my name is brianna . im 15 years old and i go to hillcrest high school. im currently in 10th grade .i want to do hair, nails , makeup and do all girly things . i want to do cosmetology .i want to go to college for it for i can be professional and have a successful business. how is it like to own your own business. #cosmetology #experience #college Next i want to be a attorney or caseworker .i want to have a job in juvenile court as something ,i like want to help others . maybe i want to talk to your people and lead them to the right path . #confidence #education

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2 answers

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Ann E.’s Answer

Hi Brianna,

You do not need to go to a traditional college to be a cosmetologist. Instead you will go to a specific trade school for cosmetology. These are usually about a year long, some a little more or some less depending on your specialty. You must pass a licensing examination to be cosmetologist. The requirements will differ from state to state.

In order to become an attorney, you will need four years at an undergraduate college (nearly any major is fine for law school. Most people will study political science, but that is *not* a requirement. After college, you will an additional 3 years in law school and then you will have to pass the bar exam to be licensed in your state.

Similarly, you will need four years of undergraduate college to be social worker, with an additional 2 years to obtain master's degree and then pass a licensing exam for your state. If you would like to go into a clinical practice to offer individual therapy, you will need additional training and another test.

It's not unusual to have many diverse interests when you are young. Hopefully, you will narrow down your interests as you get closer to graduating from high school (or even find another interest!)

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Hassan’s Answer

I'd suggest you do research on each of these professions to see which one you're most interested in. They are very different and will require different levels of education.

You don't need a college degree for Cosmetology but there are training and licensing requirements set by Tennessee https://core.tn.gov/datamart/login.do;jsessionid=Lx2wuMQERXtL9k6uK9LyZiAs.undefined

Social workers in Tennessee need to have a Bachelor or Masters degree and State licenses https://www.socialworkguide.org/licensure/tennessee/

To become and attorney you'll need an Bachelor and attend Law School to get a JD degree. You'll also have to pass the State Bar exam to perform many duties.

Kudos to you Hassan OMOTOLANI ALABI