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Madison M. Jan 17, 2018 454 views

Branch or Main Campus?

My dad was relatively okay with the college he heard I was going to... until he realized I would be going to the branch that's only 15 minutes away from home, so I can commute, instead of receiving my education at the main campus of the school and staying in the dorms. I decided to go to the...

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brianna B. Sep 04, 2020 195 views

how many years u have to do in college for cosmetology ? what all skills u need to know and have to do to be a attorney?can u take 3 things in college at the same time or do u have to keep going back after your first years?

my name is brianna . im 15 years old and i go to hillcrest high school. im currently in 10th grade .i want to do hair, nails , makeup and do all girly things . i want to do cosmetology .i want to go to college for it for i can be professional and have a successful business. how is it like to...

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