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In graphic design, 2D and 3D, what is a typical day at work like? Does your enviornment influence your work in any way?

Asked Jacksonville, Florida

I've had a slight interest in graphic design, I make art and drawings on the side as a hobby and have considered making a career out of it. I wanted to know someone's experience with the field and figure out if it is for me or not. #graphic-design #web-design #graphic-designer #3d-graphics

2 answers

Mai’s Answer

Updated Chicago, Illinois

Hello, Im an interior designer so i'm not exactly sure how the work day will go for a graphic designer but i am thinking it'll probably be the same. Depending on where you work whether its for yourself or for a firm and the firm that you're at.. I've worked at firms where everyone worked, chatted hung out, work... deadlines. work.. fun. work. The firms today are pretty relaxed as far as keeping you entertained, but don't let that fool you. everyone at the firm always gets their work done. Deadlines! you might have to stay at a firm all night to get something ready for a client the next day. I wouldn't let the work day bother you in making your choice tho. I would select what I like and am good at.

Kristina’s Answer

I use to do art that was sent to China to be turned into 3d molds behind glass. Seems simple enough right. Basically design pieces from religious to flowers for families to put in their houses. It's not the work itself that is hard but the clientele and bosses in place. No matter the location or the people you have to remember: 1. Don't take anything too personally. 2. Your name is on the product. Do your best. 3. There is never enough time. 4. You'll end up educating the client or boss on art but remember you know whats best. Give them what they asked but always attempt a quick version of what you recommend so they have a safety. My employer would ask for a fruit basket, which I'd make in Photoshop and took several hours because the moment it was approved it would need to be sent ready to mass produce, and then quickly tell me during the presentation she wanted a variety of different things not presented at the original discussion. I've had times she yelled at me because I didn't understand the measurements, mostly because it wouldn't fit right in the frame. Don't take anything too personal and if the environment isn't health you can always find more work. Graphic designers are also marketing geniuses. I now am a graphics and web designer who also works part time in sales and marketing with a different company.