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What are the best laptops to use for taking a graphic design course?

Asked Charlotte, North Carolina

I will be studying Graphic Design this fall at Liberty University and I would like the best laptops to use before I go out and buy one. #graphic-design #graphics #web-design #graphic-designer #3d-graphics

2 answers

Tracey’s Answer

Updated Hallandale Beach, Florida
I have used both but the industry standard is a Mac. More than likely your school will use them for their lab classes. Mac are very expensive but they do not crash as often as Windows based machine. Find out from your program which machine they use.

Steve’s Answer

Updated Haddonfield, New Jersey

Most people in that field prefer a MacBook Pro. But, a Windows laptop should also run the programs you need. I would check with the college first. Many times they will recommend hardware and also have a discount program.