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Mark A. May 24, 2016 656 views

In graphic design, 2D and 3D, what is a typical day at work like? Does your enviornment influence your work in any way?

I've had a slight interest in graphic design, I make art and drawings on the side as a hobby and have considered making a career out of it. I wanted to know someone's experience with the field and figure out if it is for me or not. #graphic-design #web-design #graphic-designer...


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Mark A. May 24, 2016 432 views

In gaming design, what is the usual process that someone coding the game goes through while testing scripts and etc.?

I am looking into taking up classes for coding and interested in game design, I would like to participate in the gaming design community, but I'm not sure where I would fit in. I would like to know or have an idea of how this works so I can better understand what I would like to do....

#software-engineer #gaming-industry