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what is Your goal in life

I am an 18 year old high school senior. I want to a Physician Asistant. Also, I want to travel and help people. My goals are to give back to those who need it, Another thing, I don't fantasize relationship but a career innstead. Alins A.

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8 answers

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James’s Answer

This is a question you can only answer.
What I did, I looked at myself to see what I wanted for myself. What are my likes and dislikes. What hobbies I had. What are my strengths and weaknesses. What you want in life and what are your goals. Once you have an idea of who you are and what you want in life, you can start a plan on how to get there. A good plan is usually a 5-10 year plan.
For example when I joined the Army as a Private, I had always wanted to be an officer, specifically an Captain but had to idea how to get there. So, I did my research as to how to do it and worked for it. Things didn't always go as planned but I did have a plan and kept working my way toward the goal. Eventually, I did it and surpassed my goal. I then had to create a new goal and new plans.
Good luck!

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Samantha’s Answer


Like the others have said, this is really only something that you can answer for yourself. Nobody can tell you your own goal, however they can help you achieve it.

For me personally, my goal in life is to be happy in my career and home life. I am a senior in college, engaged to the love of my life with two of the greatest dogs. Is this where I saw myself when I was your age? No. But I have achieved personal goals along the way. Like moving out of my parents house, getting engaged, graduating high school, (about to) graduate college, get a "big girl job" and just be happy in my journey. Goals are meant to be achieved and new ones are to be set.

When thinking about goals for yourself start small and work your way up. For example, getting out of bed, making breakfast, brushing your teeth and washing your face. That can be a goal you set for yourself. When you achieve something you set for yourself it makes you feel good inside and helps you feel accomplished.

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Bryce’s Answer

Hi Travion,

This is really only a question you can answer for yourself. You have to figured out what your passionate about, what you what to do with your life and set you own goals. Now is the time to take a moment self reflect and look into the things you like to do. Think about what you like to do in school and out of school. Start setting goals for yourself now, so you stay motivated and focused.

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Logan’s Answer


Your goals in life will come in time, but continue to think about the impact or legacy you want to leave on this world.

My primary goal in life is to help a friend or stranger in some way each and every day. Helping others brings me a joy unlike any other thing.

Best of luck in finding your goals in life!


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Yasemin’s Answer

Hi Travion! My goal in life is to be a physician and help patients especially in areas that may not receive the best access to healthcare. As a physician, I hope to make healthcare more accessible to everyone and provide the best for all!

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Ghenna’s Answer

Hello Travion,

My goal in life to become an accomplished pediatric dentist and having my own happy/healthy family. As you age, your goals and priorities change, but it does not mean you can't pursue your dream. If you are considering on becoming a school counselor, you can begin researching on the best path to reach that end goal. Best of luck!

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Suzanne’s Answer

Hi Travion,

So you are a 16 year old who wants a balanced, fun-filled life and perhaps you have thought about becoming a school counselor. Very Nice!!

Let me see if I understand you correctly:

1. You want a balanced work/fun life
2. I believe you are saying you might like to be of help to others
3. You love school!
4. You love to party!
5. You love your friends: you are a people person

Becoming a counselor of any sort may be a great career path with how you feel about life right now. But you have some time before college to really dig deep and figure out your career path/life goals.

What is really important that as a young man, you are developing your life values. You love your friends. You love learning. You are trying to figure out a career path that will allow you to have a balanced life yet also make the world a better place. Does this sound right to you?

If you would like some guidance from a "college peer", I found this wonderful organization based in your area. Check this out: https://peerpowerfoundation.org/

Here is a great reference for refining your future goals and ensuring your ongoing academic success: https://blog.collegevine.com/successful-high-school-students-do-these-10-things/

What stands out that once you understand your inner values, these can be set in motion via your passions. Example: if you really value talking to your friends and helping them, your passion might be in pursuing a career in the health field as a counselor.

Only you will know what ultimately feels right for you. There are many things you can do in the years before college to help you understand yourself and see what types of activities are the right "fit" for you.

Goals can mean many things to different people. Here is a good example of writing "life" goals in order to live a happy life: https://www.100goalsclub.com/100-life-goals.html

In the short time, you may want to set the goal of getting into a college program that will help you achieve your values of having a work/life balanced career. This could be the short term or 5 year goal. Longer term goals can be formed along the way.

So, indeed, study hard, set your sights on a college program that will lead you to the career of your dreams. Set your intention on not only helping others, but living a full and happy life outside of work. I recommend that you investigate the many different types of counseling jobs available: https://www.schoolcounselor.org/school-counselors-members/careers-roles

I hope this helps!

Sue, RN

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Aline’s Answer

Hi there! Goals in life vary from personal to career-wise. It is what keeps you going, it is also ever-changing. At one point, my goal was to graduate college, and then after I achieved that, I wanted to make my parents proud and do well at my job. No matter what it is, your goal should be what will make you happy in the long or short run. Hope this helps!