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How do you gain employment as a musician on a cruise ship and does it lead to other career options? Are the living conditions while on the ship worth enduring to potentially see the world while working?

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I am going to school for bass guitar composition. I was told that cruise ships are one of the employers seeking musicians. I would love to travel before I settle down in one location and potentially get married or establish a career that does not involve travel. #professional #musician #bass-guitar #music #music-performance #music-industry #career-path #career-counseling

2 answers

Kevin’s Answer

Updated Atlanta, Georgia
I was on the S.S. Norway (NCL) for nine months in 1983-84. The living conditions weren't bad, a small cabin but most of the cabins are small until you get into the suite category, and as Cruise Staff we could go anywhere on the ship (not the same on all lines, on some you have to stay in crew areas when you're not working, like waiters, housekeeping, etc). You can find the services that hire musicians for the cruise lines on the internet. It could lead to other musical career jobs but you'd practically have to be a featured performer for anyone to notice you. As for potentially seeing the world, most ships have a set route that may change from winter to summer but otherwise it's the same spots every week. Example: on the Norway, we sailed on Saturday, at sea Sunday and Monday, St. Thomas on Tuesday, sea Wednesday, Nassau Thursday, NCL private island (beach party) Friday, every week.

Roberto’s Answer

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Talk directly to the cruships Job-entertainment department. They look for specific talent and the money is ok. good luck!