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What are some different careers for a political science degree?

I know that I would like to go into political science for my major since I am very passionate about it. I am interested in politics, history, and law. #law #politics #political-science #business-law

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8 answers

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Kelly’s Answer

I studied Political Science and went on to work in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Like other answers here, there are many areas to go with a degree in Poli Sci, but one that isn't as talked about, is to work in the CSR (or Social Impact) departments at a company. CSR varies depending on the company, e.g. CBS media supports "cause marketing" and JPMorgan has pledged investments in the economic revitalization of cities. Most CSR roles require you to be knowledgeable in politics and how it intersects with the social and economic challenges businesses can help address, leveraging their assets and employees.

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Kim’s Answer

Hi Paige,

If you go into Political Science, you will want to become active while in school. You can join or organize groups like College Republicans, Young Democrats , social justice organizations, etc. You can invite political figures to speak at your campus. You can do voter registration drives, work on campaigns, etc. Please don't wait until you graduate to start doing things!

Once you graduate, you will see that it is up to you to chart your own career path. For example, if you are paid staff for a campaign, the campaign eventually ends, and you need to find the next job. You will find that it is not so much what the major is that matters, simply the fact that you have a degree and some sort of relevant experience. A lot of people go into "government" jobs, but you don't have to make it a career. You can work there a couple years, say, in the Commission for the Blind, and then go work for a non-profit such as the Diabetes Foundation, specializing in vision issues. Each job is a stepping stone to the next. You will learn to market your "transferrable job skills" to show the next employer how you are a good fit for the position.

If you want to go to law school, do it! If you want to work in the legal field without going to law school, consider getting a Paralegal Certification after finishing your degree. There are so many organizations out there to work for, there's really no limit where you go or what you do! Also, consider taking an entry-level position if you can't get in any other way. That would be an Administrative Asst. with an organization you want to work for. It goes without saying, stay sharp in your technology skills!

Best of luck!

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naveen’s Answer

Media and Mass communication would be the fields that comes to my mind. In case you are trying to integrate Political Science with Management. Mass communication is the process while media are the vehicles that drive the process. The basic difference between mass media and mass communication rests on the fact that mass media is a channel through which mass communication contents are delivered to the public. mass media ie, is a channel.
The following are the fields where you can find entry
• Advertising.
• Journalism.
• Public relations.
• Social media.
• Audio media.
• Convergence.
• Civil services.
• Administration.
• International Affairs.
• Parliamentarians
• Politicians

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George’s Answer

You can do whatever you want with a Political Science degree.

This degree, like most liberal arts degrees, demonstrates you have the capacity to absorb and analyze information and make arguments and take action based on that analysis. This is a useful skill in a wide range of careers.

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Marisa’s Answer

A degree in Political Science could lead to a pathway in things like policy analyst, lawyer, political campaign manager, political consultant, international affairs, even media, marketing, and education (such as professors) need people with a political science background.

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Kristen’s Answer

Hi Paige! Politics is a great major and broad enough to give you a variety of options. You can pursue a career as a lobbyist, lawyer, policy analyst, work for a political campaign, work at a think tank or a non profit. DC is obviously is a great place for politics and there are a variety of jobs there for political science majors as well as organizations all around the country. Now more than ever we need smart people to help shape policies and laws so that our country can run more efficiently and provide equality for everyone. Good luck!

Kristen recommends the following next steps:

Interview a politics major and ask about their career path

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I appreciate your advice and I take it to heart. I will definitely look into some of these career choices that you have mentioned. Thanks again! I appreciate it. Paige O.

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Simeon’s Answer

Have you tried looking at what work for a political think tank would be like? They do research for their sponsors in relation to different laws that could get passed, what problems are affecting the country, and the popularity of the different options available to solve political problems. It would involve a lot of research, but may be an appealing career choice for you.

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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Paige,

I actually considered being a political science major when I was your age. I feel like the most obvious career is law. I also think any type of civil service job. You should consider how you want to use your degree. Do you want to teach? Do you want to influence laws or governments? Do you want to write? If you want to be a lawyer, what would you practice? Those are the questions that you need to ask yourself before selecting a career you want to pursue.