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Do you have good advice how to apply for grants as a School Principal and obtain them?

I work as a teacher currently. #school #teacher #graduate-school #principal #working

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3 answers

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Thomas’s Answer

Here is a link to some scholarships you might be interested in:


Thank you very much Thomas! Sincerely, Crystal Crystal M.

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Lyndsay’s Answer

Go to your school's financial aid office and see if they have a scholarship office. They will help guide you toward grants that are available to you. I would also apply for scholarships. On your own, I would also search online for grants for principals and grants for college students in the education field. Apply for all the grants and scholarships you are eligible for.
Here is a good place to start:

Thank you very much Lyndsay! I appreciate your time. -Crystal Crystal M.

Hi Lyndsay, Thank you for this information. I have been looking into it. Sincerely, Crystal Crystal M.

You are very welcome! Good luck! Lyndsay Capshaw

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Lisa’s Answer

Hi Crystal!

It sounds like you may already be a school principal looking for funding resources in the form of grants.

There are many types of grant sources readily available to anyone and different groups in society. However, you may need to check in with your school’s policies, superintendent, legal team, or district to understand your capacity to source and use these funds, if acquired. You may need to do the same if you work with charter or private schools and meet with your board, etc., as well.

Also, if you haven’t already done so, you may need to start by taking grant writing class(es) which will assist you with sourcing and applying for such grants that’s right for your specific needs. I would encourage you to take a course even if you ended up hiring professional grant writers, who are professionally trained to write and advocate for funds. I personally believe that as a school principal, it’s important to understand the blue print of grant writing well enough to lead your grant writing staff or team.

Depending on the grant, you may also be asked to present your grant proposal and it’s important that you not only use grant language to share information but tell the story that is meaningful to your proposal. The biggest question that all grant proposals want to know is how will you become self-sufficient after the funding expires. So learning how to speak to this is critical.

Finally, once you have all the green lights needed, you may find that your current district, city and state (and the federal government) May already have grants to aid most schools and districts in your state. Several private industries may also have funding streams for schools but you will need to look into them more carefully with your legal team, if available.

Hope this helps!

Hi Lisa, Thank you very much for your thoughtful answer. Currently, I am a student. I will consider your wisdom about taking a class. Sincerely, Crystal Crystal M.