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what is a job that will allow me to keep in the sports career.

i am a 15 year old boy from box elder high, and im a softmore i would prefer to get a job that i can cook in and a job that i can keep with football. #cooking #football

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4 answers

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Jason’s Answer

What about a sports nutritionist or dietician? You can cook and plan awesome, healthy meals for your clients, and still be involved in football. It's not easy to get into but if you're good, and get a good clientele, you can make good money too

I was about to just recommend the same thing, nutritionist/ dietician is a perfect way to balance the two careers you have in mind. Granted if your more interested in going further into the industry to become and executive chef or restauranteur, you have to keep in mind that it would take an awful amount of your time and im not quite sure how much extra time you would have to pursue the athletics as well. But anything is possible and maybe you could be the first to figure out how to do both! Tiana Giron

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Gina’s Answer

Hello-- I suggest sports nutrition, a dietician, a health activist or even personal training.

Hi Gina, these a great suggestions! Could you provide any more detail around them? I'm sure the student would find that helpful Gurpreet Lally

When I was a college athlete I was on a strict regiment-- workout and diet. I was tired a lot so I met with a dietician and streamlined my diet and caloric intake. Protein heavy, lots of electrolytes-- anything to boost energy and not make me sluggish. Was super helpful and a lot of info I've carried throughout life Gina Ringer

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Sanober’s Answer

Hi Xavior,

I love how self-aware you are of your passions and how you hope to use that in a career. There are many different opportunities for jobs in sports and cooking, and I recommend you take a look at volunteer or internship opportunities in either or both during your high school journey, so you get a feel for both directions.

Best of luck :)


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Nicole’s Answer


There seems to be a substantial and growing market for meal solutions for people interested in fitness, athletes, or people who are on a strict diet. I’ve seen a lot of new companies and restaurants emerging for health foods and expect this is a growing market in grocery stores as well (protein shakes, prepared meals, frozen meals, etc).

I also like the suggestions from the other comments, including personal training. It would be an asset for personal training to be able to give advice for meals and cooking, in order to help with clients’ goals.

I wonder if there are also careers within the athletics departments in schools or universities or amateur & professional athletics organizations.

Best of luck to you!