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what jobs are related to criminal justice?

I'm interested in criminal justice. #business #law #private-investigations

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2 answers

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Hector’s Answer

Well, big field. Start with all the jobs at a regular police station, also think about a jail, from the Warden down the line on the jobs, at Court, from security guards to Judges, attorneys, etc. And there may be more, I m just telling the ones that pop my head right away

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Kim’s Answer

Prosecution: district attorney's office: anything from file clerk, administrative assistant, paralegal, or attorney.
Judge: courts- again, administrative, bailiffs, court reporters
Defense: private law offices, legal aid clinics, private investigators
Arrest: Police departments - clerical, dispatchers, officers
Detention: jail/prison guards, intake processing, transport specialists, prison teachers, social workers, chaplains
release: probation and parole officers

and many more!