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What are the most successful personal businesses in Georgia?

I've thought about going into clothing and fashion retail or real estate. My main goal is to manage and take control of a business that I'm passionate about but I also want to choose a market that will be successful in Georiga. #georiga # #marketing #apparel-and-fashion #marketing-and-advertising #business #management

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2 answers

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Tiffany’s Answer

There are many business that are thriving in GA. Not only fashion stores. Real Estate is very different. Not sure if you are wanting to be a real estate agent or be a personal investor buying your own properties. You need to determine what you really want to do/be. If you want to work for a retail company you should get some retail experience under your belt. know the market and industry. Network with other professionals in this industry. Make sure you are clear to yourself on what it is that you want to do, because from your question I am unclear. Many different paths you can take from both options. GA is a great place for these two industries.

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Caitlin’s Answer

Hey Loren!

Great question. The Georgia business market is very diverse and the beauty is that you can be involved in more than just one market! I recommend you find your passions and choose an industry that fuels your passion. The other idea is that real estate is very flexible and would enable you to possibly pursue both real estate itself and another passion, as well. Focus on what you really desire and that will lead the way.

Good luck,