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Caitlin Walker, CMP

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Smyrna, Georgia
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Amber’s Avatar
Amber May 28, 2018 493 views

How do you decide what to major in?

I have been doing research on different majors and am conflicted on how to decide on a field to study during college. I would appreciate advice and tips that anyone has to offer! #College

Loren’s Avatar
Loren Jan 22, 2021 512 views

What are the most successful personal businesses in Georgia?

I've thought about going into clothing and fashion retail or real estate. My main goal is to manage and take control of a business that I'm passionate about but I also want to choose a market that will be successful in Georiga. #Georiga # #marketing #apparel-and-fashion...

stefany’s Avatar
stefany Sep 20, 2018 499 views

how can i start preparing for my future career ?

I am a 11th grader looking into the business career. i am already taking business managing classes although i would like to get into a good college that will benefit me in many ways . how can i start preparing and doing ,to make sure i get recognized by a good college ? #business #college