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what kind of job should i look for if i go with MBA in finance?

i am a final year student of graduation and want to do masters in business administration. #business #finance #accounting #banking #commerce

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4 answers

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G Vishnu’s Answer

After completing the MBA in finance , Lot of companies look for financial analyst and Business Analyst profiles . You can probably look into this profiles to get growth in your carrer

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Jayasheela’s Answer

The kind of jobs you should look for is based mostly on what interests you. Why are you choosing to do an MBA in Finance? Is there some particular role or person in finance that inspired you to take this route?
Apart from the roles that Vinay Yadav mentioned, there are trading, equity research and portfolio management roles that generally represents what the layperson thinks about when he/she hears "Finance". They relate more directly to the stock market as compared to other finance roles and can be very high stress but well paid jobs.

If you do not have a clear idea about the kind of work you would like to be doing for the next 30-40 years of your life, then don't jump into a MBA program right after college. Take the opportunity to work for a few areas and figure out what you really like doing. On the other hand, if you are reasonably sure about your reasons for MBA and finance, then go ahead and start the MBA program immediately.

In most MBA programs, the first year is about general management while the second year gives you the opportunity to take electives in your chosen area. Use the internship between the first and second year to make sure your expectations about finance in general and the role you are targeting match reality. Some people decide after their internship that they want to work in a different area than the one they imagined when they joined the MBA program. Similarly, in the second year, take electives in different areas of finance to figure out the 2-3 areas of finance that excite you the most. Then during placement on campus or while applying to off-campus jobs, you can target those particular areas with 2-3 resumes prepared (one for each area specifically designed to highlight your knowledge and experience in that area).

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Naveen’s Answer

After completing MBA in finance, one can get opportunities to work with Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Financial Analysis, Business Analysis etc. There will be lots of career growth opportunities in the same stream.

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Vinay’s Answer

If you go for MBA in Finance, following are the Career options that open up for you, depending on a) what courses you pick up for your major in Finance; b) your college and companies coming for placement in the colleges;
- Banking
- Investment Banking
- Retail Banking
- Insurance
- Corporate Finance Departments in companies

Most of the Corporate Finance departments would look for financial analysts for various departments like - Financial Planning & Analysis; Business Controllers; Investor Relations; Accounting; Tax; Financial Services covering Accounts Payable, Receivables etc.