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I want to become an Astronomer for ISRO. Working for ISRO was my lifetime achievement. What are all the qualifications should i need to become a part of ISRO?

I'm studying 9th standard. I'm very much interested to become an Astronomer. #science #physics #astrophysics #space

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2 answers

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suraj’s Answer

ISRO Satellite Centre (ISAC) at Bangalore is the lead Centre for building satellites and developing associated satellite technologies. These spacecraft are used for providing applications to various users in the area of Communication, Navigation, Meteorology, Remote Sensing, Space Science and interplanetary explorations. The Centre is also pursuing advanced technologies for future missions. ISAC is housed with the state-of-the-art facilities for building satellites on end-to-end basis.

ISAC is functionally organized into seven major areas. Mechanical Systems Area responsible for delivering structures, thermal systems and spacecraft mechanisms. Communications and Power Systems Area is responsible for design and fabrication of communication and Power subsystems of the satellites. Integration and Checkout Area is responsible for systems integration and spacecraft checkout. Digital & Controls Area is involved in the design and fabrication of onboard Control and Digital systems. Systems Production Area is responsible for fabricating spacecraft electronics hardware. Mission Development Area takes care of Mission Software, Flight Dynamics and Navigation Software development besides computer and information systems support the satellite projects. Reliability and components area primarily manages quality assurance of spacecraft systems including component management. Space Astronomy Group is engaged in carrying out space science related activities. Programme Planning and Evaluation Group provides management support to the Centre. Project management groups co-ordinate the implementation of Communication, Navigation, IRS and Microwave Imaging Satellite projects.

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VGG-Consulting’s Answer

In general, having a specific organization in mind as your work place one day is a great thing! Attending outreach events by the organization will help you learn more about it. Finding various programs will allow you to meet and talk with the people that work there and learn about their career path. What were they studding and were did they go to practice and improve their skills. Then you can try to follow their footsteps. Down that path it will be very important for you to be surrounded by people that support your life goal ... that is family and friends should understand and encourage you in your pursued. If becoming an astronomer is part of your goal than you need to emphasize mathematics and physics in your studies for the purpose to get into an university that has a good astronomy program. Talk about this with your parent and see what do they have to say about your goal of becoming an astronomer one day.