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What is it like working at ESPN?

If you work at ESPN can you provide me some insights into what its like working there? Are there any special perks? What is the company culture like? I feel like it would be a fun place to work because you can always talk about sports with people (sports is one of my favorite topics to talk about.) I especially love talking about the 49ers and the Warriors! #sports #work #entertainment #broadcast-television #espn

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4 answers

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Brandon’s Answer

Working at ESPN can be a lot of fun. It is a big company with around 4000 people based in Bristol, CT and another 4000 or so around the world. There are many different departments in the company including TV (domestic & international), radio, print, digital, sales, marketing, security, finance, wellness, HR, technology, programming, and much more. Every department varies in terms of hours, schedules, travel, and even sports knowledge. People come from all over the world to work at ESPN with the majority of employees in Bristol coming from the New England area. The company culture is excellent. From the president on down they put a priority on investing in their employees and making sure ESPN is a place where people want to come to work and stay. It is a very family like atmosphere. ESPN is 80% owned by Disney which makes ESPN employees Disney 'cast members'. The most famous perk is having free access to Disneyland and Disney World theme parks.

Wow free access to Disneyland? Sign me up! :) Thanks for your answer I found it super helpful! Ben L.

This is really helpful, thank you! Fin J.

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Don’s Answer

Best of the Village

ESPN has a very unique culture and it is a lot of fun working here. At our headquarters in Bristol, we have professional athletes and celebrities on campus almost daily. We have held concerts, mini golf, X Games demonstrations, company-wide BBQ's and many other fun events here at work. It is not all that different in some ways from being at college. We actually refer to our main office as a "campus". Beyond the events that take place on our campus, if you are a sports fan, it is so great being surrounded by sports. We have TV's everywhere and an unlimited number of people to talk sports with. People here are open and friendly. This is the type of place where you can approach the president of company in the cafeteria and chat with him. Ask him what he thinks about Kevin Durant's move to the bay area.

Besides being owned by The Walt Disney Company and getting access to the parks, some other perks include the emphasis on the employees. It may sound weird but employees are valued at ESPN. We have Employee Resource Groups who support and enhance our Diversity & Inclusion strategy. There is also an emphasis on work-life balance with opportunities for flexible work arrangements and time-off options for things such as "child bonding". These are things I didn't realize were important until I got into the working world. The company is also dedicated to giving back to the community. We donate a lot of money to various charities but more importantly, employees donate their time to improve the different communities where we all work, live and play.

As great as it sounds and as much fun as we have, there is a lot of hard work that takes place here. We are a 24-hour/day company that covers news and a lot of live events. People's work schedules can get pretty demanding. This may including working a shift that starts at 3am or traveling to 20 locations in 20 weeks for some people. So there is a lot of hard work going on behind the scenes. We have some of the smartest people in the world developing new ideas, new technology and new ways for sports fans to experience sports. People are always looking for ways to improve what we do.

Overall, I am so proud (and lucky) to be a part of this company.

Hi Don, Thanks for your awesome answer! Wow, ESPN seems like an amazing place to work at, I think I just might submit my resume when I graduate college! On side note what does your president think about KD's move( also I would love to hear your thoughts too)? Personally I am a big fan of the move but I might be kind of biased since I love the Warriors. Again thanks for your answer super insightful. I hope you haven awesome day! Ben L.

Thank you! Fin J.

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Sheila’s Answer

Working at ESPN is a wonderful experience. I work with the best people in the business, who like myself, all strive to achieve excellence. ESPN is a very collaborative place, and I get to learn and participate in new initiatives all the time. All ideas are welcome, no matter whether you are an individual contributor, a manager or above.

We have a variety of employee resource groups to make sure everyone feels they have a voice and feel supported by their co-workers and the company. I belong to several of these groups and have found they have helped me develop new skills including how to speak comfortably in public, hone my leadership skills and build better inter-personal skills.

I love the culture at ESPN, I have fantastic, intelligent co-workers, enjoy coming to work every day and learn something new every week.

Hi Sheila! Thanks for your answer! You provided me with some helpful insights! :D Ben L.

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Jessica’s Answer

Working at ESPN is unlike any other job I have previously had. The culture is fast-paced, yet nurturing. I love coming to work everyday knowing I get to work with some of the best people and contribute to an amazing set of products that sports fans use everyday. We have an awesome cafeteria, great working spaces, and so much more.

Take a look at the ESPN Careers site. There is a lot more information regarding benefits and a deeper look into what it is like working here.

Thanks for your information! I definitely will check it out! Also do you know when ESPN normally posts job listings for summer interns? I would love to intern next summer! Thanks again Jessica! Have a fantastic day! :D Ben L.

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