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How do you stand out in a masculine field of work?

As a girl, I would like to know what will help me to stand out in such a male dominant field of practice because that is what gets you to success, to stand out. #engineering #biomedical-engineering #chemical-engineering

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4 answers

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Ken’s Answer

Hi Erin!

Thanks for asking a very important question that has a very simple answer.

You stand out by consistently doing you best! That is very simple. People are recognized by the contribution that they make to the organization that they work for. When people forget that, things begin to go bad

Here is something that you might find inspiring:

Thanks for the great advice, even though I'm a guy, I can realize that girls can do just as good at a job. Thaddeus W.

thank you so much, great advice Erin B.

Please keep me informed. I really would like to follow your progress - and help again along the way - if I may Best of luck! Ken Simmons

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Gordon’s Answer

OK, education, "hands on" experience, not sitting behind a desk all day, get out on the floor and ask questions if you do not understand. Paperwork is fine, but does not solve problems or anticipate them. Think of yourself doing that person's job day after day. My MSc is OK for classroom chops , but as a former TMC engineer get out on the floor. Do not be afraid to say what is on your mind and think outside the box. Collect data and use to support your position (especially for change).

thank you for the advice!! Erin B.

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Luis "Lou"’s Answer

Men, we respect good performance. The last thing you want is for anyone to think that you go to where you are just because you are a girl. You have to demonstrate that you are a qualified and talented woman. You do that with good and consistent performance. No one expects you to be perfect, but you have to be dedicated and give it your best. If at any point it looks like you are getting a break because you are a female, you'll loose the respect of your male peers.
However, don't forget that some people (male and female) will never accept you no matter how well you do. Those people you just ignore ... and if they are your manager, sorry and good luck.

thank you for the advice!!! Erin B.

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Charles’s Answer

Focus on being your best at work--not only do your work exceptionally, but also find ways outside of your immediate job to contribute to your company's mission. Establish credible working relationships with leaders in the company and try to be helpful to them.