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What are some jobs in the media industry where I'd interact with people a lot?

I am a very social person so I want to do something that would involve a lot of interacting and communicating with other people. I like giving presentations at school, leading group projects, and meeting new people. If you have a job in the sports/entertainment industry that relies on these things, what is it and what exactly do you do?
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2 answers

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Mona’s Answer

Have you considered Sales?

You could be selling ads, or seats, but either way Sales can get you into almost all those categories mentioned. You could/would give customer presentations, constantly meeting new people and work with sales teams (your group) who would aid you in completing the sales. It's competitive too, which can be a great motivator to do well - whether its for the fame and glory or for the money.

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Stefania’s Answer

Hi Ann,

I think there are many, many directions within business you can go given your interest and skill orientation. Since you specifically referenced media as an industry of interest, I'll focus my answer on that. Just as another option to think about during your exploratory could be Advertising. As an Account Executive, you would be the central facilitator who works/collaborates with everyone to get the ad done -- highly social, engaged position where you are presenting work to clients,taking initiative, etc. The media end of advertising is also highly collaborative as it is always working with media companies to negotiate ad costs, etc. On the other end of that, working for a media company (such as a cable network or a sports network like you are referring to, for example) in Ad Sales would enable many of the job traits you are talking about. In this role you work with the advertising companies to sell/negotiate the ad placements.

As part of your research, you may want to go online to specific company websites (for sports media, ESPN for example or any other cable networks like MTV, Discovery, Viacom, etc or general media or advertising agencies like Optimum Media Direction or Young & Rubicam or even online media platforms like a Netflix) and look up types of positions available, job descriptions and responsibilities to see what types of positions feel like the right fit for you.

Good luck in your exploration!