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What is the best way to be noticed by professional soccer teams?

I have played soccer my entire life and have won quite a few awards because of it. However, I still have not seen anything from a soccer academy or Jr. club. I am now wondering what is the best way to promote yourself and be noticed? Also, is it better to attain a college education before playing or jumping straight into the pros?

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Honestly i can tell you that one way you are going to achieve and pursue that path in life is by connections. without connections honestly your not gonna get to far. unless your a Ronaldo or messi. play a lot of tournament games do your best but dont go crazy trying to get noticed. if nobody comes to you, your going to have to learn and be patient in life and especially when your trying to pursue that type of career path.Also many people over look the fact that you have to go to college and be successful in your career. that is not the case. just go on google messi. moses malone alex rodriguez, lebron, jeter, and kobe. dont worry youll be fine Anthony V.

Thank you very much! I hate to draw out more of your time, but do you know any connections? If you do and you could share some of them that would be great. Caleb S.

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2 answers

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Jessica’s Answer

Hi Caleb,

I am a soccer player as well. I grew up playing on many teams, including my high school team, club team, state team, regional team, etc. Eventually, I was recruited to play in college. From my experience, players usually play at the college level before trying to play professionally. College soccer prepares you for professional competition because of the higher level of soccer that you will play. You can start reaching out to college coaches and letting them know what tournaments you're playing at so they can come watch you - coaches tend to recruit heavily at tournaments. You can also send highlight videos of yourself to coaches to start the process. Hope this helped!

Thank you so much Jessica! Where would you suggest for college? Caleb S.

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Shante’s Answer

Caleb -

it is based on your preference on what you would like to do with your future. if you think you want to play soccer and make a career in it, then you should be in a academy level or premier level, thats usually how the clubs scout players they want. Have you won championships with the teams you played with? Soccer is competitive with players all over the world and is a bit harder in the US to be discovered since it is not that popular of a sport. Maybe talk to your coaches and see what they recommend. If it doesnt work out as career you can play in college on a possible scholarship. Goodluck!

Thanks Shante! Caleb S.

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