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Colorado State University -global versus University of Florida

Hi, I graduated my high school. I am planning to major in computer science and was confused about which one would be a better choice- CSU-Global or UF online. Does it make any difference if I get into an accelerated program in CSU -Global or a four-year traditional course would be better. Please advice

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4 answers

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Jim’s Answer

You will get a good eduction at either college so you will have to look at other factors to make the decision. An accelerated program will help you graduate faster and get a job sooner, but not necessarily a better job. I'd recommend you take the traditional four-year course as you learn more at college than just the classes. This gives you more time to interact with other students and teachers, grow your network, and potentially learn all skills. It also allows more social time at college which is important.
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Ryan’s Answer

Both are great programs, so from an educational perspective you can't go wrong, my advice would be, it depends what you would like to get out of the program and the college experience. As a University of Florida Grad I can say, great school but I found the most value in the in-person college experience. I found that my undergrad experience is really where my professional network began, with relationships that can still be leveraged today. I got out of my shell in those 4 years and joined several student organizations (Business Council, Volunteering, Co-Ed Sports) which exposed me to diverse and talented fellow students. I think if you are leaning to attending in person, I would select the program that would logistically work for your the best (Cost, Locations, Support, etc.) as the education will be great in both programs.
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M’s Answer

wish someone had given me this advice when picking my college.....go somewhere that you can fall back on something other than what you originally intended to do there.

Having said that....the weather in florida is better ;0)
Good luck

This is an interesting answer but you can speak more about the programs (accelerated vs 4 year) the student is asking about? Gurpreet Lally, Team

Four year traditional schooling will allow you to participate in many different activities. With an accelerated program, you may not have time to explore other areas of interest. Never know what you may or may not be good at doing until you try it M Schwartz

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Andrew’s Answer

I agree with Jim's answer. I also think that you should take cost into account. Paying for college can be a financial burden, so you should ensure that you are able to do so or have a plan to take out loans.