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Rachel O. Mar 19, 2018 267 views

When is the best time to change my major?

I am planning on majoring in journalism at the university I will be attending in the fall, however I am having second thoughts on my choice. I am considering changing my major but I want to at least give journalism a try before doing so. If I eventually decide on changing majors, what year of...

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Krystal N. Jul 17, 2018 408 views
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Tayler P. Jul 24, 2018 211 views

Are study abroad programs worth it for a future career in NICU nursing or just nursing in general?

I have always grown up traveling and living in places all around the world and would like to continue traveling while in college but do not know if that would be conducive to pursuing a career in nursing, specifically in the NICU #healthcare #career #travelabroad...


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Wanzetta M. Oct 27, 2020 131 views

As a Neurosurgeon What skills—such as communication and problem solving—are most important in your field? Describe a situation in which you use these skills.

I am a high school sophomore and have always wanted to have some type of medical career. For the last couple of years, I've been leaning toward surgery and I'm really interested in the human brain which led me to Neurological Surgery as a specialty. I would love to hear from someone he's living...

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Mira .. Mar 18 101 views

What do you think the best college for law is?

I'm in middle school and taking a career class. I took a survey to see what career paths were recommended and law was one. I would like see what colleges are recommended for law.. #career...


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Jonathon H. Mar 18 72 views
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Godavari M. Apr 05 94 views

Colorado State University -global versus University of Florida

Hi, I graduated my high school. I am planning to major in computer science and was confused about which one would be a better choice- CSU-Global or UF online. Does it make any difference if I get into an accelerated program in CSU -Global or a four-year traditional course would be better....

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Kayla B. Apr 08 94 views

How difficult would it be to succeed in Pediatrics?

I am an 8th grader and I have always aspired to be in the medical field. The past few years I have been trying to narrow down exactly *what* kind of career I would like to pursue in said field, and I picked pediatrics, since I enjoy working with children. I have recently gotten accepted into a...

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