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What careers does strategic thinking play a major role in? Why does this matter in business and why is it important to think holistically?


I know there's a difference between strategic thinking and tactical thinking. These types of thinking apply to business management. #business #marketing #economics #strategy #marketing-strategy

3 answers

Gabriela’s Answer

Updated Washington

I would say consulting is a great area to look into if you are interested in a career where you utilize strategic thinking and problem solving skills. Strategic thinking can help you approach problems in an innovative way.

Thanks so much Gabriela for your answer! I'll take your advice and look into consulting.

Eric’s Answer

Updated Charlotte, North Carolina

A good question and I'm interested to know what prompted you to create this question.

In a nutshell, all careers can benefit from strategic thinking. The ability to look at the "whole picture" of a situation and understand all the inputs, outputs, and cause/effect elements allows you to come to a conclusion based on more than just emotion and gut feel.

If you make decisions that solve for short-term gain you may impact something else in the long run. An example would be; deep discounting services to gain new customers quickly. While you bring on new customers you have also driven up the cost of acquisition (meaning it will take longer to gain positive value from the customer), diluted short term revenue and conditioned your buyers to expect cheaper services. While quick decisions are often necessary in business, there's a balance between speed and recklessness. It's important to not get stuck in "analysis paralysis" where you can't make a decision and you keep looking for more inputs.

Strategic thinking, also called critical thinking is important outside of work. As you progress through life you create plans, have goals and aspirations. These are loftier concepts that can't be accomplished without diving into all the aspects of the objective, see all sides and then create a path.

A great skill to develop is the ability to ideate and pivot to execution quickly. Using your strategic thinking to solve for something and then being able to turn that idea into action, and from that action, measure the impact. This demonstrates that you can "think and do" when needed which is more valuable to a company.

Eric recommends the following next steps:

  • Follow established thought leaders on LinkedIn and/or Twitter. Ex: Bill Gates, Deepak Chopra, Angela Ahrendts, Arianna Huffington, and others.
Hi Eric. Sorry it took me so long to reply to your answer!! Thank you SOOO MUCH for your valuable insights!! I I asked this question when I was considering majoring in marketing, but I've changed my mind... haha. I still try to use strategic thinking in different aspects of my life and I've heard of analysis paralysis. My grandpa gave me an example about hitting a golf ball. Eventually you have to choose a point and hit it and see where it lands. You can't dwell on the point forever. Thanks so much again and hope you're well!!

Christan’s Answer

Updated Washington, Washington
Strategy consulting would be the perfect place for this. Let me give you an example, Of a example from a case I had. I'm at airline, I'm not doing so well in terms of revenue. I've hired you Liana to give me a winning strategy in terms of turning around my airline! It'd be important here to think holistically.... Especially if the reason half your fleet isn't optimized due to the fact we don't have enough nor good quality servicemen! Now imagine if you went with a customer-oriented targeted strategy instead. Sure you'd get more customers but what's the point if half your fleet isn't meeting their scheduled takeoffs and in the long term actually damaging your reputation this way by making the bad news spread faster!
Hi Christian. Thanks for your answer and for your example! I always try to think holistically in whatever situation I'm in! All the best!