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i heard pre med is not a wise decision for neurosurgery or doctor so what other cources should i take

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2 answers

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Jacqueline’s Answer

HI!!! I believe that some schools offer a Bacherlor of Arts in Neuroscience. Check out the neuroscience programs at Queens College of the City university of New York (CUNY). Check also The Society for Neuroscience for a list of colleges and programs. I would say Biology, anatomy and physiology, immunology etc. Hope this helps!

thanks it helped Diepreye E.

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Maria’s Answer

Excellent question.
In general a Pre-med curriculum should be sufficient for entering medical school. However, because of large amount of applicants for each medical school seat, it is wiser to complete a full bachelor.
I chose a bachelor in chemistry and because I had few advanced placement credits I was able to get a few electives in other non-science areas like art, sports and finances.
I suggest you chose a bachelor major that would fulfill you if you would not enter a medical school. In my case I was also accepted to masters in Chemistry program which was my second choice for a science career.
Best wishes!

thanks a lot Diepreye E.

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