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Can I be a hacker?

I love computers. I have a lot of accounts and I forgot their passwords nor emails. I want to use hacking is a good way. I want to be a computer hacker or any type who's expert at using computer. That it could be use in some classified informations. I want to be hacker but Im still a beginner. I dont even know the basic steps in hacking. #computer-software #computer #hacking

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4 answers

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Joanne’s Answer

OK .. yes, you can be a hacker but there's good hackers (white hats) and bad hackers (black hats).

(Let's hope you want to be a white hat).

Here's a link to an actual certification you can get as a hacker (white hat, of course)


Now .. on the other side, the talent and creativity for being a 'black hat' is amazing.

Here's a link if you want to read about it (but I don't condone going down that path)


Also, keep in mind, some of the punishments for hacking have been amazing too.

Basically, where computing is concerned, the physician's 'do no harm' mantra still applies.

YES! I agree with this so much. The world of IT security is SUPER interesting, and I wouldn't be surprised to see it become more and more relevant for quite a while. You can be a hacker professionally, and learn so much, and have so much fun, and be really well compensated ($$$) as well. But be warned: the MOMENT you cross the line into black hat territory, you put all of that at risk. KC I hope you follow this passion of yours and use it to learn to code! Jared Chung BACKER

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Laura’s Answer

I agree with everything that Joanne said above.

In addition to the CEH certification, there's a wonderful website called Cybrary (https://www.cybrary.it/), that has free training in all things cybersecurity-related.

If you're having trouble remembering your logins and passwords, consider using an application like KeePass or Dashlane to store your information securely. That way you only have to remember one password in order to get access to all of them.

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Gary’s Answer

You have 2 good answer above, I will add that almost any job can be done for good or for bad. Hacking can really ruin people's lives, careers, families, finances, etc. and is very dangerous as well as being illegal with severe penalties including jail. Getting caught hacking can ruin your life as well so please be careful and think about your choices.
Having said all that, cybersecurity is a growing field and basically is anti-hacking...preventing businesses, agencies, people, etc from being hacked and keeping the network and information secure...here is a good link to a cybersecurity career article on Forbes...if you are good in this field and with computers in general, you can make much more money legally than you can by being a bad hacker:


Good luck! :)

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Davor’s Answer

In addition to what people before said... hacking is less of an unorganized activity than most people think. It is a very organizer engineering, knowing the products, knowing how they work, and then applying different algorithms trying to discover weaknesses. We have people like this on every product internally. We do not call them hackers, but rather QA engineers. It is about making products do what they were not designed to do or finding weaknesses in security of products and solutions how to close those weaknesses (in few cases). However, we would for example not hire you if you would come to use and say that you want to be a hacker. You would have to demonstrate knowledge of QA processes, security and other products, and this would put you in the job.