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How long after graduating from college did it take to find a job in the veterinary medicine field, and did u have to do anything life changing to accept this position?

Asked Weirton, West Virginia

my future plans includes attending college and obtaining a veterinarian license, but after all this time working toward my goal I would like to know how long I will be searching for my dream job, and if anyone has had anything life changing such as moving away or something that uprooted your plans. #veterinary #veterinary-medicine #animals #animal-health #animal-work #animal-welfare

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Nirah’s Answer

The AVMA runs an annual survey of graduating veterinary students. According to the most recent report, average starting salary is about 72,000 (though this varies enormously with your specialty and your geographic location). There is underemployment in veterinary medicine, meaning that there are more jobs open than there are available vets. This varies regionally. Nearly all students who graduate and pass the board exam get one or more job offers, though not necessarily in their preferred geographic location. If you go to the Bureau of Labor Statistics https://www.bls.gov/ooh/healthcare/veterinarians.htm you can find very complete data including employment info by state. The ratio of vet student debt to veterinary pay has been increasing- some schools cost nearly 400K to attend, and many students graduate with staggering debt. Shop around and consider a lower cost veterinary school.