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Should I include my political volunteering in my applications and resumes?

I am an Executive Intern for the Young Republicans of Bexar County, and I do a lot of work for them as well. I was selected to be an intern despite only being in high school which is very honorable. However, with bias against conservatives on college campuses, will "liberal" colleges look down upon my work as an EI for the Young Republicans when they would commend the same work if I volunteered for the Young Democrats? Should I even include it on my resumes and applications?

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5 answers

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Kelly’s Answer

Hi Alan,

Be true to yourself and don't compromise because you would be miserable at Universities that are liberal anyway - hold out and find the one that will be in alignment with you. I would encourage you to check out Christian Universities and see how you feel about them. I would also do some networking on LinkedIn to see who out there aligns with your beliefs and who would mentor you. You can ask that person to help you get connected with Internships that are right for you. To find good contacts, do a quick Google search (I find this most useful vs. actually searching on LinkedIn itself,) with keywords: "LinkedIn internships for high school students Republicans Texas + your chosen major" and see whose profiles come up. See if you can't find a local contact / contact information for that person who can take you under their wing and give you wise counsel.

I hope this helps you!

Kelly Albright

Kelly recommends the following next steps:

Stay firm and find a conservative University
Google search with keywords: College Internships, Republican, Conservative, Texas, LinkedIn
Google search with keywords: High School Internships, Republican, Texas, Conservative LinkedIn
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Kim’s Answer


Congrats on getting the internship!

So, what's your major? Why are you applying at liberal schools? Is the entire school liberal, or just certain parts of it? For example, we all know about UT Austin, but, are the Economics and Finance departments there as liberal as the rest of the school?

What did you do during your internship? If you are going to list it, you have to go beyond that, and show what you did, what you learned, what you accomplished. Otherwise, listing it doesn't really help! And yes, I would list it. If they aren't willing to accept you, they don't deserve you. NEVER hide who you are in order to fit in. Because, you won't like it once you get there. Goes for jobs too!

It's sad that in today's education, it is somehow wrong to hold an opinion different than what "everyone" else holds. I was fortunate to be able to go to school where ALL opinions were respected and debated, not shouted down or expelled. I am hoping you can find a university like that, and, one where there are some liberal students as well. It helps you to develop your own beliefs if you openly discuss them with people who hold opposing points of view.

I don't know anything about schools, but perhaps something around Tyler, Texarkana, Sul Ross University, etc, might be a better fit for you than the liberal colleges.

Good luck with your search!
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De'andra’s Answer

While I understand your hesitation to share your political affiliation for fear of rejection, such an accomplishment deserves celebration, and allows you the benefit of being choosy. A hot topic in research is correlating resiliency and engagement (i.e. excitment about what you're doing) with a sense of belonging where you are, whether that is at school or at work. Before making your decision, I recommend considering this first.: How important is it that you feel like you belong at your school?
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Sajid’s Answer

You should absolutely include your internship experience. Colleges only care that you have shown initiative and leadership. No decent college (liberal or otherwise) will hold your political views against you. Being selected for a coveted internship out of many applicants shows you stood out then and it will help you stand out as a candidate for college admissions as well.
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Jack’s Answer

Great question Alan & congrats on the internship. I would suggest leaving it in your application & resume. If you’re concerned about discrimination, you could consider a listing like:

Executive Intern, [Political Organization] of Bexar County; 2020 – 2021
• Organized events
• Assisted with fundraising
• Etc

Be sure to always tailor your resume to the opportunity you are applying for. For another opinion;