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What are the funnest jobs in the stem fields?

unbiassed towards your favorite job, but funnest locations and jobs that provide lots of activities. #computer #engineering #stem #teachers #architects #mathematicians

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4 answers

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Nicole’s Answer

Hi cynthia M. I see that you posted this question a little while ago so I hope my answer to you (or others who may read this response) is still helpful.

For many people, especially young people new to the work force or starting out their career, "a fun job" can be one that allows them to travel. You mentioned fun locations and jobs with lots of activities. Depending on someone's preferred pace, fun locations could mean lots...and lots...of travel. At least this may have been the case before a global pandemic, such as what we are experiencing in the year 2020. I imagine that business travel will eventually get back to "normal", in which case there is no limit to places you can go, particularly if you work for a company that specializes in supporting customers all over the world.

A "fun job" could be one where you get to learn how something works...learning something new can absolutely be fun! A "fun job"also, oftentimes, has a lot to do with working with people who are fun. In my experience though, the best type of "fun job" is one where the goals for success are met (or even exceeded). Usually when that happens, everyone is having fun :).

For sure, jobs in STEM come with lots of activities. Some of them can be mundane but many are filled with exciting new ways to make things better....improve a system, build a new tool, improve a customer or user experience. These are just a small slice of the types of things an person in STEM career can work on and build their own "fun job".

Best of luck to you!

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Rosalind’s Answer

It really depends on what you like to do, many people really enjoy programming, as it's a new challenge every day. If you look around you, just about everything has a computer in it or controlling it. Smart devices are all over peoples houses, businesses, manufacturing, healthcare. Almost any area of work has some number of programmers associated with it. Working with technology you can work to solve the worlds biggest problems, work to design entertainment systems, work on the works financial systems, work in healthcare.

Many people think of IT as working alone programming, but it really is not, it is usually a team of people working together to solve problems.

The most fun field is the field you enjoy doing the most. You have to enjoy what you do because you will be doing it a long time.

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Skyler’s Answer

Hi Cynthia! Working on the International Space Station Program, training astronauts and flight controllers who work in the Mission Control Center, is an awesome and fun way to apply a degree in a STEM field. NASA centers all over the country have LOTS of different missions, and thus lots of activities in a career, and are located in great cities. NASA Centers

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Nick’s Answer

Nowadays there's a lot of emphasis on mechanical and electrical engineering and computer science. Consider civil engineering which gets you outdoors working on big projects such as roads, bridges, dams and city-scapes. These projects are usually socially responsible not "military" (where you may find many ME, EE and CS jobs). Consider Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering which puts you in contact with lots of people and working on large or small scale processes. Manufacturing companies are socio-economic ladders with a large variety of opportunities for technically trained people. Any job that you do well in, are challenged, contribute, get respect, with good colleagues and a good product will be inherently fun.