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What careers are you guys interested in?

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5 answers

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Jacob’s Answer

Hi, Valerie,

It looks like you tagged accounting in your question so I will tailor my answer to that industry. I am an auditor who works in public accounting for a professional services firm called PwC. The accounting field is a good space in which to work since it does offer a wide range of roles you can fill. Many companies, both big and small, have an in-house accounting function, which basically means handling the financial information for that company. You can also work for professional services firms like I do that have different lines of service ranging from consulting to auditing to tax work. Check out the link below for an example of all the different lines of service a firm like PwC offers. I also included a link to a helpful article that summarizes public and private accounting.

Accounting experience can also lend itself to getting into more operational and financial planning roles. If you're interested in how businesses are managed but aren't sure what the best starting point for that type of career is, accounting can be a great starting point if it aligns with your interests. It is a fast-paced industry and helps build really strong career capital even if it isn't what you ultimately do for the long term.

Hopefully this helps - good luck!

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Lauren’s Answer

Hi Valerie,
I saw that you referenced accounting in your post. I was an accounting major in college with minors in both criminal justice and political science. During my senior year of high school, I was in between majoring in biology, criminology, and accounting. After a lot of research I grew an interest in the forensic accounting field as it had some aspects of both criminology and accounting to it, both areas I was interested in. I ultimately tailored my educational experience in college towards gaining a better understand of not only business, but also the criminal justice system and of governmental bodies. Currently I work at a professional services firm called PwC in their forensic consulting practice. My line of work deals a lot with helping clients prepare, respond, and emerge stronger from fraud, disputes, economic and financial crimes, etc.

I would recommend picking three majors you might be interested in (maybe a subject(s) you did really well in during high school or in your first semesters of college) and do a lot of research into the different careers you could potentially work in within those majors. Create a list and write out the pros/cons for each then weigh your options. But also understand that even if you decide on a specific major going into college, it doesn't always have to be the major you graduate with. Overall, based on your tag, accounting is a very diverse field with options to work in the public or private sectors and then various lines of services such as tax, auditing, or advisory that could spark your interests and would be worth looking into.

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Brayden’s Answer


When looking for career jobs it important to remember your own interests and hobbies because happiness is the biggest contributing factor when determining whether or not you enjoy your job. For me when I was choosing what I wanted to do in my career, at first I was convinced I wanted to be a pilot but I dont have great vision so that was going to be a challenge. I then said well since I cant fly planes why don't a pursue a degree that works and builds these amazing machines and thats how I choose engineering. When I did this I wasn't super high in math or physics, I just found the field super interesting and wanted to learn more.
So for me it was important that the things I was going to be working on I had interest in, and that I wanted to learn those thing.

Hopefully this helps!

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Blake’s Answer


I am currently working in the supply chain industry and I love it! I would recommend taking a career interest survey online if you're struggling to decide what career path you want to choose.


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Samantha’s Answer

Chef, forensic Psychology, and special needs teacher