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What do I need to do to become a corporate lawyer?

I'm in high school and I love law and business. I think corporate law would be perfect for me because it has both things I find interesting and it matches my personality. #lawyer #law #business

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2 answers

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Christopher’s Answer

Hi Daisy. I graduated law school in 2014, have been licensed to practice for seven years. I am a nonpracticing attorney; I do not practice law at the moment.

Since you're in high school, you don't really have the option to go STRAIGHT into law school, which is actually really good.

Buy an old, used copy of a legal textbook; "Business Associations, Cases and Materials on Agency, Partnerships, and Corporations" works well.

DO NOT PAY FULL PRICE. You should pay $10 max for a copy that is out of date, like 8 years old at least.

After buying that book, start reading the cases.

If you still like corporate law after reading the corporate legal textbook:

When you get to law school, study hard and ask your school's career services to help you get internships and summer jobs in business law. You may want to consider attending school in Delaware, like Widener University Delaware Law School. There are other schools with good programs for corporate law, but you should research them. You may want to do an externship at the Delaware Court of Chancery.

Christopher recommends the following next steps:

1. Go to college and do not worry about whether something is "pre-law".
2. Pick a major you think you would like to work in that isn't law. If you must consider law, a Bachelor of Science is required to take the patent bar.
3. Buy an out of date corporate law book. "out of date" is important, pay $10 or less for an out of date edition as law school books are constantly updated and price is always hundreds of dollars.
4. Read some of the cases.
(5) if you go to law school, make friends with the career services office. Consider going to school in Delaware.

Wow! I never knew a BS was required for the patent bar! That is really good to know! Kim Igleheart

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Jenna’s Answer

First, you need to graduate from high school and in the US, you'll need an undergraduate college degree before you can apply to law school. If you are interested in corporate law, I would recommend focusing on business-related courses when possible. While you are in law school, you can also focus on business -oriented classes and their intersection with law. You might also want to consider an MBA or a joint JD-MBA, where you get both degrees in the same program, which would bolster your business credential. I would also strongly recommend paying a lot of attention to contracts and labor and employment concepts, as those are very common issues that corporate lawyers deal with. You can look at in-house positions, where you work inside of a company in the legal department as an employee, or you can work in a law firm on corporate transactions. You could also start with a firm and them move to an in-house position or start your own business law practice.

So, focus on getting good grades in high school and in college. Take some business classes while you are in college and consider getting an MBA as well. Pay attention to contracts, they are very important concepts in business, and labor and employment. Then interview for positions that are for business attorneys and ready and open to learning! Good luck!