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What are the most important traits for a successful surgeon to have?

I shadowed a surgeon about a month ago and loved my experience! I got to scrub in and see many different surgeries and I handled a removed gallbladder and thyroid. It was an exhilarating day and I have been more and more interested in surgery the more I learn about it. I have been told before that I have what it takes to be a surgeon but I want outside opinions on what it takes to be a successful surgeon. #registered-nurses #surgery #surgeon #general-surgery #cardiac-surgeon #cardiothoracic #anesthetist #scrub-nurse

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Jared’s Answer

I've discussed this with many different medical students, residents, and surgeons. It is a very challenging career and requires years of dedication. You will likely have a career that requires frequent call (being able to answer calls in the middle of the night and respond to the hospital when surgery is required). It is a lifestyle choice that is not for everyone.