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What colleges are best recommended for a pre medicine path?

The college selection precess is very overwhelming. Of course I want to get into a college that will help me get into a prestigious medical school. Are there any that you would recommend that I should research? #doctor #medicine #science #college-major #pre-med #cardiology

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Anne’s Answer

There does not appear to be only one path to becoming a doctor. It used to be only biology majors went to Med School, but now it seems they want more well-rounded candidates. Some people go to medical school after having a different first career. You will certainly need to take pre-requisites to qualify and to prepare for the MCATS. Find a school that seems to have a good placement rate for graduates pursuing an MD, has good science departments and seems like a good fit for you (geographically, student body size, campus life, etc.). You will need good grades in your college courses and that may be more important than where you go to school. Volunteering in a hospital is often recommended for students considering a medical career.

Choosing a college can be overwhelming. WHERE you go may not be nearly as important as HOW well you do. You want to be happy at college so choose a school you like and then work hard.

p.s.. I'm not a doctor, but I did study science and have friends who went to medical school. They were not science majors, went back when they were a little older and were still very successful.