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What are the steps I need to take in order to be a successful film/television animator?

I’ve been drawing since forever and I’ve finally decided that I want to be an animator for TV and Movies. I’ll be a senior in high school soon and I want to start taking action now. art college film fine-art animation filmdirector animator

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2 answers

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James’s Answer

Start by doing it. If it's your passion and you want to take action start making movies. Whether it's to get into a school with a good film program or to gain acceptance within your local film community, you'll need to have something to work on, to share, to collaborate on, to show off. Once you start making the content, get it out there.
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Brandon’s Answer

The most important step is to build your portfolio. Building your portfolio will definitely help you get jobs much easier. Recruiters look actively on what you have done and use previous work as reference to see if you are up to par with their standards, so it is important to build up your credibility when possible. Look up options for schooling to see if there are any schools that teach animation. If I were you I would try to learn the process of how to animate and try to learn the basics before trying to go into animation. Refine your craft whenever you can. Always settle for better and never settle for poor quality, strive to be the best, doing so will also encourage companies to want to hire you.