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Where to go for the Best ?

Which country or place in the world would be the best for business administration as a course and BBA in Business analytics and BBA in Finance to be more precise? #business #finance #business-management

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3 answers

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Danielle’s Answer

Potentially the best approach could be to think of this process as part of your degree, especially when you consider the financial investment you are looking to be make.

I know here in the US there are excellent online resources to assist in a college / graduate school search such as:


These search engines provide a myriad of information and an ability to narrow down to key attributes (i.e. specific programs, rankings, test scores, yearly costs, aid awarded, size, teacher to student ratio, etc.).

Given you looking at business analytics as a potential major you could even build your own XL table highlighting your key criteria and sort accordingly. It may allow you to filter down to those specific school that are the best fit for YOU.

Finally, once you have narrowed the field to a few key programs if you are able to visit in person that would be a terrific opportunity to better understand the school and the community. If location is not easily accessible than suggest utilizing the online tours and interviews that are now available at most colleges and universities.

Best of luck on your search and hope you find the perfect fit.

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Matthew’s Answer

DD - I think it's time to start to practice your diagnostic skills in answering your own question about "which is the best country or place to go for "business administration as a course and BBA in Business analytics and BBA in Finance to be more precise?"

My suggestion is to study your favourite executives and find out where they received their degrees, especially those who came from your own country or even your own city. Read their educational biographies and see how they made their choices.

With that said, I think that it is more important to make an assessment of the type of student that goes to the particular location that you will choose because the network that you build while at university is a critical component in determining your short term happiness and longer term success. I think that your university classmates that will become your lifelong teammates are more important than the actual school that you choose.

Also, you want to make sure that you will feel comfortable in the environment that you select, especially if you decide to study in a foreign country. Make sure that you work with your guidance counsellors at your high school and research as much as you can in advance.

I wish you much success in the future.

Thankyou very much! DD M.

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Kenneth’s Answer


In general, I believe that the USA and UK would offer the best educational experience, given the depth of their economies. More advanced economies translate to better higher education. If you are considering business analytics and finance, you will also want to consider
an advanced degree as well.

How strong are your grades? The best schools require the best grades.

Finally, how are you paying for this education?

Good luck with your journey!

Kenneth recommends the following next steps:

Review individual colleges and universities online and see what they require for entrance.