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How to pursue a career in fashion design starting in high school?

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2 answers

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Colin’s Answer

Hi Kazi!

Great job on discovering a passion of yours this early on in your life! I believe that the best way to pursue a career in anything is to gain as much experience as possible with all things relevant to it as early as possible. This could mean choosing appropriate subjects in high school that can develop your skills, joining school clubs, or even starting one, finding internships, developing personal projects and showcasing your work to others. In an industry such as fashion design, one of the most important aspects is developing your creative portfolio over time, which, for instance, might involve purchasing fabric and tools and making your own clothing line!

Another important element is developing your skills early on, which can inspire new ideas and may involve watching tutorials online, or visiting tailors to see how experienced designers work on new ideas!

Having a series of projects and networking with people is one way you can make yourself known when you wish to expand your horizon. You can create a personal website through something like Wix or Wordpress (which are free!) and showcase your work to friends and on social media, which can very well boost your motivation to develop your portfolio. If you want, you can also start thinking about university now, and explore options, as this can also be an important part to your career, as you can find networking opportunities there as well.

Best wishes!
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LaTonya’s Answer

Kazi, you are in a perfect age to start creating your portfolio. Create a theme for your fashion line and celebrate something! Have a Zoom fashion show or use it to participate in your local talent show. The point is to get started and involve your friends and family as your models and create opportunities to express yourself.

You may have to work or volunteer at a fabric store to get your materials at a discount (if they offer it). Thrift stores used to have bundles if you are fortunate enough to find a needle in a haystack. (Be sure to wash before use) :)

What is your vision? Create one and go for it!

Much success to you!

Thank you so much! Kazi B.