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Tamia E.’s Avatar
Tamia E. Jul 28 154 views

What can I do to learn more about computers and design?

I want to do something in the future that has to do with programming and design, maybe animation? I don't know, but I want to do something creative and I want to do it with computers. I have no idea where to start. I am going into my senior year in high school and I still no nothing about...

animation computer design graphic-design

Michael S.’s Avatar
Michael S. Aug 01 221 views
Ariel C.’s Avatar
Ariel C. Aug 02 147 views

What are some ways to help me make a decision for my future ?

I’m not sure if I want too be a nurse, doctor, or go into law what are some ways to help me make a decision? medicine law doctor...


Rihanna J.’s Avatar
Rihanna J. Aug 05 150 views

how do I start my boutique off right ?

I really wanna be an entrepreneur and own an boutique business-management it’s been my dream since I was...

Hannah L.’s Avatar
Hannah L. Aug 06 156 views

Are there any jobs that have to with science and art that pay a good salary

I was just wondering if there are any jobs that have to do with science and would allow me to express myself at the same time and pay good. science art geology...


Christian W.’s Avatar
Christian W. Aug 06 78 views