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What can I do to learn more about computers and design?

I want to do something in the future that has to do with programming and design, maybe animation? I don't know, but I want to do something creative and I want to do it with computers. I have no idea where to start. I am going into my senior year in high school and I still no nothing about computers or design. computer design graphic-design animation

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2 answers

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Colin’s Answer

Hi Tamia!

Modern design projects often rely on the use of computers so it is great that you already have an interest in both of these aspects. As with discovering any passion, the best thing you can do is involve yourself in as many areas as you can to figure out what works best for you. People often have a limited sense of what they want to do in high school so it is understandable that you have some doubts. I would suggest reading about top careers in both computer programming/IT and design to get a better idea of what each area focuses on. For starters, you can try using some design software, such as Adobe products (e.g. Illustrator, Photoshop etc.) if you can, and experiment with them to see if that works for you while also learning about them in the process.

As with programming and design, you can check out Unreal Engine and see if that sparks any interest (plus it is completely free). Unreal Engine is programmed in C++ and gives you the opportunity to create 3D content visually or via programming! Design has many fields, such as graphic design, product design and onwards, so check out what these would positions cover.

For instance, check out this website if you want to compare computer-related jobs:

And this one for Unreal Engine:

Best wishes!
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Traci’s Answer

Hi Tamia! You sound very creative. Do you have an opportunity to take any computer courses during your senior year at your school? That might help you understand if you'd like to go in to computer programming after high school.

Have you ever heard of SCAD, or The Savannah College of Art & Design? They call themselves the University for Creative Careers, and they have so many undergraduate and graduate courses that you may find interesting - including animation! Check out their website and look at all they offer. I personally know two people who have gone to the school and absolutely love it. Once of those people became a photographer and the other person is currently going through the school. I wish you all the best!