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How do I manage time more effectively?

I’m in two programs on my campus along with being a full time student. college time-management student college-advice

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5 answers

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Rebecca’s Answer

You utilize the some scheduling tool to help, e.g. Google Calendar, Microsoft Outlook, etc.
Firstly, you can put in mark your diary on the time you need to attend classes. Then, you can put down some time for finishing your assignment and daily revision.
Then, it will give you a better on what time remains for other activities, e.g. your hobbies, exercise, meeting with friends, family, etc. The most important put down sufficient time for rest.
Having said that, you can try the schedule on one week first and see how you feel. You may need to adjust it. The schedule is not a fixed one. You may need to adjust from time to time, e.g. when it goes closer to assessment, you may need to put more time for revisions, etc.
Hope this helps! Good Luck!
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Mike’s Answer

The answers above have covered organizational apps so I won't go too far into that as there were great suggestions. Prioritization is the next thing I would suggest looking at. What needs to be done now versus what can wait. And can the task that can wait be worked on in smaller sittings so you're still making progress. Also making time for yourself so you can recharge. It's great to be apart of a lot of things but make sure you're taking time to refresh yourself mentally and physically.
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Colin’s Answer

Hi Michael!

I recommend that you create an effective study system that can help you keep track of how you allocate your time across your studies. The first thing you can do is gather several productivity apps such as Evernote, Notion and Google Calendar to keep track of things. You can create a list of tasks that you need to do and filter this down with something like the Eisenhower matrix. This will help you prioritise things so that you can make sure that your daily/weekly tasks are appropriate to your needs. Try and achieve a balance between studying and leisure, as both are equally important for sustaining long term performance. As with studying, the best thing you can do is create a system, which may look like creating a revision table to prioritise what you need to study and when and what resources you use. This can help you limit the amount of time you need to spend studying by optimising the use of your time. From the micro perspective, if necessary, keep track of what distracts you the most and take action to limit these.

Also, I highly recommend that you read Deep Work by Cal Newport, as this can very well give you many more ideas!

Good luck!
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LaReshia’s Answer

Hello Michael,

Time management is something that I have struggled with myself. I work as a project manager and having effective time management skills is essential to being successful. I would recommend you having a calendar or scheduling app and mapping out your time day to day. Also it really helps me to map out the things I need to accomplish day to day and it also allows me to look back to the previous day to make sure I didn't miss anything. Mapping out my time and inputting everything to a calendar has allowed me to remain focused and clear on what I need to get done and how much time I plan to spend on each task.

I hope this help & Good Luck!
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Frank’s Answer

If you use an electronic calendar, I recommend time blocking and color coding everything to manage your time effectively. This way by looking at your weekly calendar, you can see how much or little free time you have, and you can also see where you are spending most of your time by the color. It's up to you if you want to assign time blocks at a task level, but just assigning specific times for homework or your school activities will help you develop a routine.