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How to Maintain a Balanced Life

How do I manage a job, school, studying, and hobbies?

I feel as if all of my time is wasted and that I’m not productive. How do I stop feeling this way?
How do I get myself to be able to fit in at least an hour of doing the things I love?
How do I become less obsessed with my phone, and wasting time?

Thank you! time-management student help help college-advice

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3 answers

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Jasanpreet Kaur’s Answer

Hi Sophia,

Obsession is drive from a satisfaction and happiness which we get from the things we are doing. There is something in your phone which is holding you tight. Either delete that app or in case if it is because you what to talk to your friends all the time then best way is to call them up at a particular time of the day and then stop checking your phone for every minute update, keep your phone away from your eyes. (You can check it at the end of the day again. It will be hard in the starting but, since I can see the urge in you for the change thus I think you can take this challenge and for sure things will be as you want to see.)

One of the most crucial thing which you have to do in order to balance your life is: Gain the control towards the obsession you are having for your phone (Just remember key to every problem is in your hand. Train your mind to do things you want to do for the success rather than allowing it to drive you crazy by doing things which are at the end wasting your day).

Following are the points you can do in order to keep things on the track:

  1. Create your To-do list everyday.
  2. Make your schedule for the next day before you go to your bed.
  3. Always keep break time in order to give rest. (You can use your phone at that time)
  4. Keep your phone on silent mode when you are working and place it somewhere which is out of your eye sight. (For example, in your bag or drawer.)
  5. Eat on time. (We often forget to eat things on time which leads to decline in our health and then we grumble about lack of energy or willingness to do something. It's the result of our poor diet.)
  6. Proper sleep (Again the most crucial.)
  7. Keep one hobby everyday on the list. Don't put 2 or 3. One is enough to relax your brain.
  8. Make notes when you study. Create a heading and write in your words about the topic.
  9. Exercise and mediation is must! (30 minutes is enough. This keeps you energetic. I know its annoying to hear this but it really helps!)

Remember! every new habit seems to be bothersome but take the challenge if you want to change. If you practice something new for 21 days it becomes our habit! Also, you feel at ease to do those things.

All the best!

Hope it assist you. Feel free to ask if you have any other question.



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Richard’s Answer

Treat school like a job. Get up early, get to work and when your work is done at the end of the day, you can spend time on social life or organizations.
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Rudy’s Answer


I have learned that best way to manage your time is to plan, plan, and plan. :)

It's really comes down to whats important to you and ensuring that you make that time count. For me, I always ensure that I complete all of my work on time which means providing work structure, taking holiday breaks when possible and leverage any technology to your advantage! Always ensure that you are having fun while going through all of these steps!!

Hope this helps!