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Round Rock, Texas
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J Mar 05, 2019 910 views

How should I prepare for interviews?

I've heard that books such as Cracking the Coding Interview are good prep for #tech #interviews as well as solving problems on Hackerrank and Leetcode. Are these helpful, and are there any other ways I can prepare myself?

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corey Apr 10, 2019 721 views

where to live

where is the best place to live for someone in computer software #computer-software

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Sophia Oct 26, 2018 749 views

How to Maintain a Balanced Life

How do I manage a job, school, studying, and hobbies? I feel as if all of my time is wasted and that I’m not productive. How do I stop feeling this way? How do I get myself to be able to fit in at least an hour of doing the things I love? How do I become less obsessed with my phone, and...