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What are My Goals for The Future

my dream career is to be a behavioral analyst and work for the FBI’s behavioral analysts unit as a profiler psychology career-paths psychiatry period career-counseling

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2 answers

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Alexis’s Answer

The first thing that you want to consider before getting into this career is to make sure that you want it for the right reasons. You want to get into a career that you are interested in and have a passion for the work you're doing. Goals should include: do some research to get a perspective of what you are getting into and see if there are any opportunities to shadow or interview an FBI behavioral analyst to get an inside view of what you are getting into before pursuing this career.
Some of the duties you would be taking on consist of the following:
I. Reconstructing the available evidence from crime scene
II. Create profiles of suspects along with behavioral patterns
III. Maintain records of criminals with abnormal behavior
IV. Interview criminals and terrorists to gain an understanding of motives
V. Provide insights that can assist in the apprehension of criminals
These are just a few of the duties for an FBI behavioral analyst. Resources: FBI Profiling-FBI Retired Profiling, FBIretired Official Site, Books related to FBI Behavioral Analysts, FBI Blogs, and FBI Documentaries.
Check with colleges/universities what the academic requirements are especially supervised practicum experiences.
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Todd’s Answer

I am not with the FBI (nor a behavioral analyst), but I know someone who is. They find their career to be rewarding. There is no higher calling than public service and protection. He is extremely dedicated to the "greater good".