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Should I do art as a career or just as a hobby?

I'm a sophomore in high school and I am very interested in art. However, I also really enjoy other subjects like math and science. I wanted to know what the pros and cons would be of going to an art college and majoring in art. Also, what would be the pros and cons of focusing on something in math or science and just doing art on the side? college-major art majors artist decision-making

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2 answers

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Holly’s Answer

Hello Sage, Great Question. Firstly, the great Math is a high demand field. I have people in my family who are math majors and make great pay checks. Math and currency go hand in hand. Secondly, the art that you are doing depends on the type of art that you do. My daughter has a hand for art. Her family father side did too. I think this is a gene that is passed down from one generation to the next. Her father and her uncle both did very well in art. Sketching, painting, writing, There are many career paths that you can mix math and art. Some of these fields are in the police department as a Handwriting forensics tech, Or you can draw sketches for the police department. If I were you I would do try and do some art and see if any of it sells. You can go to small craft fairs, swap meets, flea markets etc. , Most importantly, I would have a major in math or science and a minor in art.
Then you have the best of both. There are many artist out there who do very well. However, the down side is technology base photoshop, paint Illustrator all art software programs, You can do graphic design math mixes well with 3D and visual design, You can do very well mixing math with art. Because, of new technology art does not sell like paintings etc once sold. I would either look into design schools, if your set on art then mix math and art to your advantage then you can start see how it works for you and go from there good luck.
By the way my daughter took up fine ink, from early eras, she does this as a hobby, she is an aspiring officer in the Armed Forces. I think its felt pen. My point is this is a hobby and she is a great artist. Good luck either way. I think you will do very well. Good Luck. I hope this has been of some help.

Thank you! This is very helpful :) Sage K.

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Simeon’s Answer

If you're not completely sure about the art path as a career, I would go with one of the other degrees and see about building your portfolio of artwork and personal connections into the art world over time. It's much less stressful to pursue your dreams if finances aren't an issue at every step of the journey. Find a financial anchor and then use that as a base from which to explore your interests in making a living off of art.