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What career possibilities are there if I study genetics, software engineering or accounting in post-secondary?

Asked Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I enjoy biology but I don't want to be a doctor or anything, so I'm just wondering what other opportunities are out there. If there aren't any careers in biology I'm interested in I would probably switch to software engineering or accounting. What are your thoughts? And are there any university programs you would recommend for these subject areas? #biology #accounting #software-engineering #genetics

2 answers

matthew’s Answer

Updated Victoria, Texas

I'm a biologist, with a major in plant biology and ecology. You can as well be a consultant in your area of specialization without being Doctor. For example, i once worked for an environmental consulting firm where i worked as an environmental impact assessment officer, which my job is to analyze the impact of a proposed project on vegetation and economic plants, and to also suggest possible mitigation. In whatever area of biology you choose in biology you can work with the government in ministries, environmental firms (which are many and of different environmental areas), research institutes or centers, and conservation centers as well. Some interesting areas in biology include ecology, microbiology, plant ecology and forestry, marine science and genetics. Any part of biology related to plant tends to be an interesting area due to the fact that it is the ultimate reliable solution to the effect of global warming.There are many more...

Prithuvi’s Answer

Updated New York, New York
Christina - Happy to shed some light on the opportunities a degree in Accounting may bring. I consider accounting to be one of the strongest degrees to have, in terms of attracting recruiters and job opportunities. The industry, unlike Finance, is one of the most stable - Irrespective of whether an organization is failing/successful, the respective entity will still have to file it's books. That, in my opinion, is a huge plus from a job security standpoint. To answer your question - You can seek opportunities with firms that specialize in Accounting or Audit (Big4 etc.) or jump into "Industry" (i.e the accounting division/function of any organization) Hope this helps. Best - P