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Prithuvi Skantharajah

Manager, Risk Assurance (Financial Services - Process Assurance) at PwC
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New York, New York
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Christina’s Avatar
Christina Jan 11, 2017 988 views

What career possibilities are there if I study genetics, software engineering or accounting in post-secondary?

I enjoy biology but I don't want to be a doctor or anything, so I'm just wondering what other opportunities are out there. If there aren't any careers in biology I'm interested in I would probably switch to software engineering or accounting. What are your thoughts? And are there any university...

Rahul’s Avatar
Rahul Jun 24, 2016 1696 views

How can i make my money double if I invest it in a bank for a fixed deposit.

I want to double my money. #money #banking #online #bank #commercial-banking #trading #revenue-cycle

Audra’s Avatar
Audra May 18, 2016 1082 views

What kind of degree would compliment someone who is going into house reality?

I plan on becoming a realtor and am not sure what degree I should get. I know a degree is not required for reality, but I would like to get as much beneficial education as possible. I do not know what major or degree would better me. I have heard many different answers from family and friends,...

David’s Avatar
David May 24, 2016 2870 views

What are some major difficulties if one were to work for IT Audit, and Accounting? Also, what are some programming languages that suit IT Audit?

My name is David, a rising, college sophomore, who is majoring in Information Technology. As of now, my primary focus is web development, but I'm also interested in exploring my other career options that fall under the IT industry, such as IT Audit. #accounting #information-technology...

Joshua Joseph’s Avatar
Joshua Joseph May 19, 2016 2660 views

Is it better to be "well rounded" or "specialized"?

All around, we are told to take classes in which we have no interest in, yet do so anyway due to wanting to be "well-rounded" Do colleges and universities want to see a "spike" in terms of academics and extracurriculars (meaning a specialty, such as if you have a passion for science, then a...

Erik’s Avatar
Erik Feb 15, 2017 799 views

What kind of schools are there for entepreneurs and musicians?

I want to know if there are programs or schools to go to #music #music-production

Ben ’s Avatar
Ben Oct 09, 2017 1218 views

How do I start investing in the Stock Market?

I want to learn how to make a second stream of income. I am currently in my 4th-year of college. I want to develop my assets so I will have a lot of money for the future. I do have a bit of capital to start off with and I am not afraid of assuming risk. How do I best use it? #money #finance...