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How do I become a Music Therapist

I love music and I want to help people when I am able to. I sing and I want to study psychology when I get to college. music psychology singer singing

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3 answers

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Kartik’s Answer

Hey Latavea,

Interdisciplinary degree with "Music and Psychology," can be good idea. Though do check about licensing, also as general rule one require master/dr to be successful therapist. Possibly, interdisciplinary degree might not be acceptable for licensing. In that case you can do masters and some accredited course in music therapy beside it ,that can be a beneficial.
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Thousif’s Answer

Hai Mate
Thanks for the Question.

Title: Music Therapist
About(job description or responsibility):
Music Therapist is mainly about assessing and analyzing an individual's mental health or any disorders where music is chosen as a medium for the treatment .Good if you are planning to do what you like but check the career growth options too and its always good having a backup plan these days (try to have other options too)

How to get trained?
The required classification is 10+2 ,where later you can register into the music therapy institutes. you can search for the same in google regarding their admission procedure -though I listed some
*Association of music threrapy ,Delhi,INDIA
*Chennai School of music theraphy,Chennai,INDIA
*MET institute of alternative careers,Mumbai,INDIA
*IIMMT-Indian Institute of Medical music,Chennai,INDIA

Thanks for reaching out ,hope this is useful .You are free to reach out .

Thousif recommends the following next steps:

Please search more such institutes that train on music therapy
Keep other options too parallelly which will make your career stable
Go through youtube content regarding same
Refer IIMMT website
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Pro’s Answer

If you have multiple interests you might try an Interdisciplinary, Liberal Studies, or General Studies major, that will let you combine multiple interests. Or an Individually Designed major that you can even name yourself. You could maybe call it something like "Music and Psychology," "Music Therapy," etc.

Thank you so much! Latavea T.