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What is the funniest thing about working in finance?

I have an interest in the financial field, like financial planning or accounting. finance accounting financial planning business

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3 answers

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Jake’s Answer

I would echo what Jordan said. I work as a financial analyst and have the ability to look at various companies. Some of the firms I analyze I never thought I would have, but it's nice to see all these different operations and how they make money. It will give you a good baseline knowledge as there are plenty of ways to go about business and making money.

I will also add that sometimes our morning meetings are a little more laid back, allowing for great discussion and laughs.
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Barbara’s Answer

Hi there! I have been in Accounting and Finance for 25 years and my experience has been filled with "funny" things. You typically find dry witty people in finance roles and those are amongst the funniest people I have ever known. But, funny would not be a reason to choose Finance as a major. You can find funny interactions and environments and people with any degree or major. Hope that helps!
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Jordan’s Answer

Hi Lily! I've worked in public accounting / internal audit for a little under 5 years. I think the most exciting part of working in this corner of finance is the diversity of projects / teams you get to work on. I consider public accounting a "sampler platter" of various company cultures, team environments, co-workers, etc. as you're constantly changing clients that you work with and teams that you're staffed on. Similarly, internal audit is also a "sampler platter" of various teams within a company, as you get to see behind-the-scenes of nearly every corner of a company. I'm a snoopy person by nature, so I love the variety and behind-the-scenes look my job offers.

Hope this helps!