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What specific majors are there in business?

What college major specifically in business would help me in becoming a successful entrepreneur entrepreneur college-major business

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3 answers

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Francisco’s Answer

Hi Cato,

Good question. Depending on the university you are looking at you might find different business majors. Some of the classic ones are Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, Economics, even Entrepreneurship and Innovation. Depending on what kind of business you are looking to one day have or whether you are planning to be a one-man operation or bring others into the business early on, is the major you should focus on. For example, it might be smart to learn finance and accounting to be able to do your own books for a while or learn management to be an effective leader and employer.

Entrepreneurship is not an exact science and you won't become a great entrepreneur by just finishing your degree, but I would recommend you start your entrepreneurial journey as you are in college so you can identify areas you need to learn more about and also get support and key feedback from your professors and classmates who might be entrepreneurs themselves.

Hope this helps answers your question. Good luck!
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Roman’s Answer

Francisco gave a great answer. To add on to his response, I'd like to add in a not so well known major of Supply Chain Management. The concentration won't just give you insight on the movement of products (receiving/shipping logistics) but also on various other factors of a product (ie why a store is laid out the way it is, the reasoning behind packaging of a product, and consumer psychology). My alma mater, Arizona State University, has a great Supply Chain Management program, ranked #2 in the nation by US News ( It might be something worth looking into.
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Robert’s Answer

Francisco gave a very good answer. I know you are young, but to the best of your ability, think of what you would really like to do for a career. Work with numbers, manage other employees, sell products or services, manage an organization, etc..