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Insurance company underwriting
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Natalia Oct 01, 2020 1503 views

What do you all think about getting work experience before an MBA? Is it necessary?

#business #career advice #career #future #graduate school

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Princess May 17, 2019 688 views

What kind of PPE will I need in orderto be completely burn-free from the weld sparks?

#business #weldingppe

vidal’s Avatar
vidal Apr 12, 2016 1021 views

Do I have to be built to be a football player?

`BECAUSE THIS MY FUTURE JOB THAT I WANT? AND I WANT TO KNOW HOW HARD IT WILL BE FOR ME TO MAKE IT THERE. #college #business #jobs #football #basketball #gamer #model

Hanna’s Avatar
Hanna Jan 16, 2018 879 views

What would be the best way to start a business in flipping houses?

I want to be an interior designer and I want to help people create a home of their own,but don’t know how to start or what college is best for my specific major. #business #online-marketing #interior-design

Javier’s Avatar
Javier Dec 10, 2019 578 views

If am a business owner, can I invest my own money and make more out of it if I make a profit out of it from a company?

I wanna be able to also make a profit with a product that's already made. #design #art #business #entrepreneur

Davonte’s Avatar
Davonte Jan 18, 2018 611 views

Does the pedigree of a business degree change depending upon which university you attend?

I will be getting my MBA from Northern Arizona University. Will my business degree be of lesser value than one from a more prestigious university? #business #career

Nathan’s Avatar
Nathan Dec 01, 2016 711 views

Which major in the business field will give me the most opportunities?

I am interested in business, but I don't know what degree will be the most desirable to companies which are hiring. #business

Un Ieng’s Avatar
Un Ieng Oct 06, 2021 2452 views

What extracurricular activities can we do if we want to study business?

I have been considering to study business but not sure what to do for extracurricular activities that can help my career path in the future. #college # #business

shae’s Avatar
shae Sep 10, 2021 468 views

What would be a good college to be an accountant in Iowa?

#accounting #college #business

Cato’s Avatar
Cato Oct 05, 2021 425 views

What specific majors are there in business?

What college major specifically in business would help me in becoming a successful entrepreneur #entrepreneur #college-major #business

Edmund’s Avatar
Edmund Oct 05, 2021 406 views

What's the best advice you would give a student when applying to college for business?

As a student, what would you say is the best thing to say when applying to a college for business? How would I show them my previous business work? #business #college #entrepreneur #career

Isabelle’s Avatar
Isabelle Oct 05, 2021 438 views

What types of entering jobs would be best for someone who's interested in business/fashion to have more experience?

I'm currently a senior in high school and I want to start looking for jobs at entering level. #business #fashion #career