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Is a diesel mechanic have a good work enviorment?

I want to be a diesel mechanic diesel mechanical-engineer mechanical mechanics engineering engineer. I've always wanted to do this and was wondering if it was something I should try, this would tell me a lot.

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2 answers

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Robby’s Answer

Diesel mechanics also do field work for heavy machinery, such as working on stationary generators for mission-critical businesses. This will take you out of a shop and in the field where you get a change of scenery, which opens doors and opportunity for growth. CAT, Cummins, Generac, etc. are all major generator manufacturers who offer specific training on their machines. Eventually, this route can lead you into a full time maintenance position at Hospitals or Data Centers or many other mission critical facilities where generators are vital to the business's operations. You could use this field as a stepping stone to get you into a better work environment if you so choose.
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James’s Answer

It depends on what type of Diesel engine you work on. Trucks are the best to work on . You would most likely work on them inside a garage . Construction equipment you work on them out in the field and you are out in the weather.