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What is the hardest part of being a lawyer

lawyer law criminal-justice attorney I want to know the good and bad of the career law-school

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2 answers

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Brittanie’s Answer

Hi Preston.

When I went to college I initially wanted to be a lawyer. The thing is, I didn't realize just how hard it would be. I believe that the most difficult part about being or becoming a lawyer is dedication. Lawyers spend a lot of time working, reading, preparing briefs, going over legal documents, preparing for cases, etc. It is important for anyone who is considering on being a lawyer to understand that it is going to require a lot of sacrifices due to the amount of time spent working. This job requires a great deal of commitment, but I believe you and anyone else can handle it. Just like with any other job, you'd have to learn how to balance this commitment with the other areas of your life. Although this may seem dauting, I wouldn't allow it to discourage you. If being a lawyer is what you want to do, go for it. I know that you'll be great, but just remember you have to be dedicated.
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Peter V.’s Answer

Some of it depends on the kind of lawyer—for example, a criminal or family lawyer has to deal with a lot of emotionally taxing work, whereas a corporate lawyer like me may not have that same kind of burden. But I’d say the hard things about being a lawyer include (1) being organized and not missing anything like deadlines, key facts, or important legal arguments, etc.; (2) long hours, whether because it earns you more money or you want to just get the answer right/win the case; (3) concentration, reading, and analytical thinking; and (4) sometimes losing or getting it wrong. Basically, a lot of the same difficulties as in any other service profession. But there are very good things, too: strategic thinking, grateful clients, really interesting work, and winning from time to time, too!