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What education level do you need to setup a business?

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6 answers

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Juan’s Answer

None! Education helps but there is plenty of examples of business leaders having no formal education. Do you already have some form of business knowledge? Are you talented in the product or service you are trying to provide? Are you providing a need? Answering these questions are more important than getting a formal education. However, if you lack the connections or basic understanding of how a business works a simple business degree from any college will set you up for success.
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Francisco’s Answer

Hey Jimmy,

Good question. In reality there are no requirements in background or schooling for someone to start a business. Some people have no business background whatsoever and they are successful entrepreneurs, while others even have Masters in Business Administration (MBAs).

My recommendation is that you based your level of schooling on the business you want to create and whatever gaps you feel there are on your learning. For example, if you want to have a business selling a brand new snack food, or offering some kind of designing service, it might be good for you to hone your skills or learn about the industry through your schooling. The whole point is that you study and learn more about the stuff that you care about, and if you care enough about something to make a business out of it, you probably would enjoy learning more about it.

Another thing to consider is key tasks that any business owner might have to perform. Basic finance, accounting, understanding the tax code for your business, if you are a one person operation you might struggle if you aren't aware of the basics. These are good areas to learn about or take classes on to develop them and allowing you to have a better start at your entrepreneurship career.

Remember that your schooling or learning aren't something you have to do first and then jump into being a business person, you can do both at the same time and that way you can adjust your learning to the needs of your business, so regardless if you choose to learn from youtube or other sites or going to college majoring in something related to the business, know that the key to success is never stop learning, stay positive, and every time you fall, getting back up.

Hope this helps answer your question. Best of luck!
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GABE’s Answer

You don't need any specific level of education, but I would highly recommend basic accounting. Having a understanding of numbers will certainly help.

Your business needs to address a problem, that others are unwilling or unable to do, AND they are willing to pay you to solve the problem/issue.
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Gopi’s Answer

There are many answers for this questions. It doesnt required specific Degree however it does require some basic knowledge in area like numbers, communication, mind set, knowledge in specific business you are looking for. It is equally important that you start from bottom and have hands on field experience. Once you are in that field, you will find a way what should be the next step and this gives you lot of learning opportunity to start business one day. Good Luck!
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Gloria’s Answer

Hi Jimmy,

I am not sure that you need any specific education requirements for owning a business. The important thing is to have a business plan and the right amount of monetary support to get started. I think that a degree in Business may be a good way to start if you want to get some detailed information.

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Munazza’s Answer

None actually! If you an idea that can be your selling point, you dont need education to run your business. Education will help augment it though.